So you want to open a restaurant?

Let’s say you are opening a restaurant , what would you really want to hear when someone is talking about your restaurant

-“yeah.. the food was good” or “That place was on fire , you should definitely try that place “. yeah well! I get it , you want to hear both.

To hear out the best reviews and to get your customers looping with you what are the check boxes you need to check in?
Firstly good food- well ,you are opening a restaurant , obviously you are going to have great food. Secondly you should have a striking ambience for the best experience at your place. The combo platter of good food and good ambience will evidently make you a hit!

1.Set the mood for food.
Providing a complete and memorable dining experience is what helps your restaurant achieve an ambiance enjoyed by customers. When you appeal to a diner’s senses such as sight, smell and hearing , they enjoy being at your restaurant.  The ambience for the restaurant impacts many factors including how long a customer stays in your restaurant, how long and how much he eats and how much he spends. Well all these factors in turn impacts your profit.

2.Spice it up with a theme.
Functioning and designing your restaurant based on a theme makes you stand out of the crowd. Other than good food and elegant ambience you will be adding on some more to get the spot light. A theme based restaurant is the best idea if you want to attract a particular group of people or you choose to take your customers to a whole new level of incredible experience that tells a story. Themes can be based on the colour ,places ,classics ,tradition ,your favourite TV show, vintage or anything for that matter. The interior designer will collect all the information about the theme you choose and brings it out so well ,so ready for the brand new experience.

3.Provide each person with their own experience.
Each person pays for his or her experience in the restaurant, thus you are bound to give each of them their own. That is why lighting is so important. Lighting helps create an atmosphere and  focal point for each table. Making the furniture point towards the focal point makes the seating arrangement quiet right and also provides the necessary privacy from the neighbouring tables. You can also make partial cabin like structure to provide with more focused experience. This way we ensure that each person gets it all.

4.Never compromise comfort.
While working on providing the eccentric style ,design and the ambience ,never lose out on the comfort  of your customers. The furniture you use is very much important , even this might determine how long the customer stays in your restaurant and often he visits. A designer will always be careful in choosing the right furniture with the right texture and material . Not only is the comfort confined to the furniture you use , it also counts the table-top decor and the required space left for the utensils. Comfort here is related to these three: sit ,eat and relax.

5.Space out.
Spacing also goes along with design. While you want your seating arrangements to look good when standing at eye level, you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and sit at different tables to see how it feels and looks for them while they are dining. Make sure people aren’t crammed or feel trapped when they are seated.  While you want customers to feel comfortable you also need to balance your seating capacity and break even analysis so that on any given night you aren’t turning away too many people due to too much spacing and too little seating availability. The best restaurants remain flexible and can shift between these two competing demands .
The best and the most trusted marketing you could ever do is through your customers ,which  will eventually give you a guaranteed strategic output! Because people nowadays most probably rely upon the customer reviews over posters and ads.  Often unquantifiable, word of mouth referrals undoubtedly have a positive long term impact on a restaurant’s profitability.
So when you open your brand new restaurant don’t forget to hire an interior designer who can create a striking ambience for you , and makes a direct impact on you profitability!